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uw's Journal

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University of Washington
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  • This community is for the University of Washington, located in Seattle, WA. Doesn't matter if you are a current student, prospective student, alumni, or someone who really likes the UW, feel free to join!

  • This is the first community ever on LJ! As such, we have had a lot of comments about a lot of different things, many of which are available in the memories page. Please check there first if you have a question.

  • On this community you CAN talk about what is going on @ the UW, advertise your
    events, get to know other students, ask for advice, and post other UW-related ideas. Think
    of it as a general forum about the University of Washington and Seattle's University

  • On this community you CANNOT post about non-UW/U-District topics, spam the
    community, harass other users, trolling, or anything else that goes
    against the community policies. If you think something should be deleted, make a kind comment under the post
    and one of the moderators will look into deleting it.

  • Additionally, we ask that you please refrain from discussing activities such as file-sharing in this community. Yes it happens. We know it happens. It's a natural part of going to college. But in order to avoid potential legal repercussions from government agencies and overzealous record executives, please take your discussions of these things elsewhere.

  • NOTE THE FIRST: This community is a good place for advice, but remember most of these people are students and may not have the correct advice. If you have UW policy questions, please contact the proper dept on campus. UW Office Directory.

  • NOTE THE SECOND: Though this community may be located on Livejournal, it is not at all a personals site. Sites like The Facebook already do a good job with that Internet business model, and those interested in meeting people from the UW to become more than friends should find another place to post. All posts of a personal ad nature will be promptly deleted without prior warning.

  • If you have any concerns at all related to this community or the interaction that goes
    on in it, send an email to uwcomm@gmail.com.

  • Other communities related to the University of Washington are udub, uwashgrad, uwtextbooks, uwfood, uwjournal, uwnihongo, i_saw_you_uw, ischool, seattle, seattle_coffee, seattlehistory, omgimdrunk.
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