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I'm taking Chemistry 142 next quarter and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find images of the Chem textbook (by Zumdahl) and if you could tell me what edition it is? (I'm going to check out used book stores first to see if I can find it) Thanks!
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Importance of Textbooks?

Next quarter I'm enrolled in a class that has a textbook tagged as 'optional'. How important is it to get the book when it's tagged optional? Does that mean I'd be able to cover all the material in class and will be totally fine without it?

I'm just not that into spending $100 on a 2 credit course if I don't have to :/
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I am currently enrolled as a linguistics major at UW. I am considering pursuing the Computational Linguistics Masters when I graduate. It states on the site, however, that applicants need to have experience in Computer Science up to the 300-ish level. I have no experience whatsoever in computer programming, so I was wondering maybe I shouldn't consider this path? I heard the CSE classes 142 and up are extremely difficult if you're not detail-oriented (which I'm not). 

I was wondering if anybody could provide me more information about CSE classes at UW and any more info about the Computational Linguistics Master? I am currently enrolled as a Junior so I have to be careful with the classes I take. If I do end up taking CSE, I fear my GPA will be screwed up. :P 

Transferrring credits

Hey everyone!

I took a year off from UW and during that time I took a few courses in a community college. How would I go about transferring those credits? I'm currently a junior. I looked at the website but all the info I found is how to transfer credits when one's applying as a transfer student, but I would be applying as a returning student....

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Awhile back, I heard about UW charging higher tuition for baccalaureate students who don't finish their degrees within four years. Is this true or am I mixing it up with another school? If it is true, how does it affect double-majored students?