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Housing for exchange student

I'll be coming to UW on the student exchange program for the fall semester and I'm looking for a place to stay. I've been checking craigslist and the classifieds section of The Daily UW for furnished room and I was wondering if there's anywhere else I should be looking.
Thanks for your help!
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New Fall U-Pass

So starting in fall quarter, we have the new shiny U-Pass, which works like the Orca card right? So my question is, when is it activated? Will it start the first day of quarter, earlier, or not until tuition is paid in full? (I picked mine up in spring quarter, so I've got it, but when will it work?)

Not sure if anyone will know, but thought it'd help to ask

Thanks ♥

stupid question

Can freshmen sign up for classes online before orientation?
(I'm trying to figure out if it's worth hurrying to get my measles immunity form turned in because almost all the classes I want are full)

it seems like I could find this out really easily but I can't!
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abbreviation question

In writing, I've seen The University of Washington abbreviated as UW and UDub (or U-Dub). Are both abbreviations correct? I always thought people said "U-dub," and wrote it as UW.  

Thanks in advance for clearing up my confusion.
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Financial Aid?

Hi, I'll be a returning student for next year (my second year) and I was wondering when I would hear back about financial aid? It said the fin aid awards would be sent out by mid-April... It says on my financial aid page (thru myUW) that they've recieved my fafsa, how long does it usually take to send out award letters? when are they usually received?

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does the uw have any sort of official student forum? I got in awhile ago for next year and every other school I got into seems to have something like that... I mean I can ask some questions on here but I feel like a forum would have a wider range of views about different topics.
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Book Buyback!

It's that time of year, I was wondering if it was really worth it to sell to the UW bookstore though? How much do they usually give back for books? (I have an originally $90 chem 142 textbook and a ~$100 spanish textbook) not that it really matters I guess since anything is better than having them take up room and be useless :/

Can we remove the Russian porn ad?

A little bit down the page, there is an explicit ad in Russian advertising people looking for sex partners.  My wife was in the UWMC cafeteria today when it came up on her iPhone.  Needless to say she was rather embarrassed.  I put this here partially hoping we have some moderators who might see this and then remove the offending post.  Or in the very least to push the ad down so people don't get surprised.