alene (bruisingtooeasy) wrote in uw,


just thought i'd note to all in the uw community and maybe get some opinions...

1. anyone have friends or know people who have gotten back any rejection letters from the uw business school? and if so, what majors have they switched to? i'm an econ and int'l studies major not cuz i got rejected but because of the fact that uw's MBA program rarely accepts applicants who earned an undergraduate degree in business here. many of my friends are in panic mode right now with the unforunate letters and they are tired of hearing that "economics is a GREAT substitute."

2. also. i was waiting outside my class today waiting to get in and i was standing by the 4 recycling bins. i'm sure all of you know that they are all specifically marked but as i was waiting, within a 5 minute time span, i watched 6 people throw paper into the bin for cans and plasitic bottles.. maybe because that bin is the tallest? i was standing right next to the paper bin. just something i noticed and had a laugh about.

ok i'm done now.
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