Ilan Maizlin (imaizlin) wrote in uw,
Ilan Maizlin

Rehab 300

Here is another "should I take this class?" question:

I'm about to graduate in 2 quarters, and I need easy 4.0 classes (preferably NW). BUT those classes need to hight class serial number (i.e. ESS 301 and not 101), because I am applying to grad school and those look unfavorably on people "slacking off" their final year.

So, today I got an advertisement for "Rehab 300 - Introduction to Occupational Therapy". It seems like a pretty interesting course, and it's Intro, so it can't be too hard, right? But before I commit, I just wanted to see if there is anybody out there that has taken the course before and can advice me on its ease and/or interest.


P.S.: Other recommendations for classes that fit the above criteria are also welcome.
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