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Which side of the table are you going to be on?

Attention dormies:This is a shameless plug for the Peer Review Board.

The Peer Review Board is a leadership organization on campus affiliated with HFS that provides students living in the residence halls the opportunity to receive informal hearings in a neutral setting in the event of a contract violation. (i.e. someone gets busted breaking their housing contract, they can come to us for a hearing and we can decide whether or not we think they really were drinking/smoking out/being loud etc.)

We are currently accepting applications for 2002-2003 board members. This is an easy way to get involved in leadership activities on campus, with minimal commitment. Typically we hold meetings or hearings once per week, lasting generally no more than two hours.

*Great for Resumes--especially if interested in advancing through HFS as say... a Resident Advisor. Over half of the board members from 2001 are now holding RA positions from what was one of the most competitive RA selection processes at UW in years
*Judicial experience, in case you're interested in studying law.
*Form relationships with a small group of talented and diverse people
*Always-helpful group interaction and negotiating skills
*Hob-knobbing with the inners of HFS (I was a member last year, and got to skip the waiting list for a single room, this year)
*You get to be a part of one of the fastest growing, successful and widely-respected leadership groups on campus.
*No dorky HFS t-shirts, either.

It is a volunteer position, but it's a great experience! Great stories to tell, about some interesting cases...

Applications are available at all hall front desks, and will be accepted at hall advisory offices through Thursday the 17th.

Please feel free to post any questions you may have! Thanks!
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