me for dummies (carebearc) wrote in uw,
me for dummies

attn: dormies

i'm going to be showing around two girls (prospective freshmen) today and my last dorm connections are long gone.. if possible, i'd like to show them a room because i know that that's the first thing i wanted to see when i first came to campus. i have a break from classes between 1230 - 220.. would anyone be so kind as to offer a quick (just a few minutes) tour of their room? north campus dorms (all but hansee) would be ideal because of the convenience, but i certainly wouldn't mind traipsing down to the south campus dorms if that's what is available.

guys or gals -- doesn't matter - and cleanliness is optional. :)

even if you aren't available at all today but wouldn't mind helping me out on another occasion, please let me know. i'll be showing around more students as the year progresses.

thanks for your help!
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