Chuck (chuck) wrote in uw,

Parking enforcement blows - $65

So I park in the parking lot in between the old 7-11 and the jack in the box on 50th and the Ave, and I see a sign directly in front of me on the 7-11 building saying "customer parking only". Fine with me, I'm going into the 7-11. I come back out to this guy writing me some parking ticket. I say, "What's this? I'm a customer." He points out a sign a few spots over on a light poll saying that parking is for Jack in the Box customers only. The fine is a tad steep, and I'm pissed. Any suggestions? I tried to call and dispute it right away and the guy just laughed and said "Well I deny your claim, just pay it."

Any advice? Any law students out there? The sign in front of me had no mention of Jack in the Box.

Sorry for the xpost, I hate all those posts and I am now a hypocrite.
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