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Karl Smith

Lawn Signs

Let me begin by saying I should really take a few minutes to cool down before typing this.... [edit: having taken said few minutes, I've made some changes. Sorry if the tone was accusatory - it certainly wasn't meant to imply that everyone in the community took part. Quite the opposite, I'm sure. Nonetheless, the facts about lawn signs are probably unknown to many.]

As a candidate for the ASUW BOD, I got up early this morning to head down to Montlake and talk to commuters. When I entered the Quad I made the rather unpleasant discovery that all of the other ticket's signs had been torn down/stolen along with about 70% of ours. Ditto for the HUB Lawn. Interestingly, it seemed to be selective, generally leaving one of our three signs up (as in, leaving up the sign listing particular candidates). I already called the presidential candidate of the other ticket to let him know so they can put up more signs if they have them.

Some Facts You Should Know About Lawn Signs

1.) At least for the Represent team (and probably the other ticket as well), the signs are printed on recycled paper.
2.) All of the signs *will* be recycled.
3.) All of the signs will be removed this Friday.

Seriously, both tickets have poured hundreds of dollars and countless hours into creating these signs, and for whoever did this to go off half-cocked and simply steal/vandalize all of them without taking the time to get the facts is simply appalling.

The lawn signs are used for a reason. There's a serious trend of apathy (deserved though it may be) and this is just one more way in which candidates can get their names out there. Our signs with Pres and VP candidates also had our website listed on them so students could find out more about us. So, still don't like the lawn signs around campus? Fine, there are a few options:

1.) Petition the university to disallow the use of lawn signs. (Think "Physical Plant Policy")
2.) Petition the ASUW to disallow use of lawn signs. (Believe me, we're looking closely at the Elections Policies and Procedures next year.)
3.) Deal with it for four days.

In the time these folks spent tearing down the signs, and destroying the hard work of so many individuals, they could have gone out and LEARNED about the candidates and what they stood for. In fact, they could probably have typed the paper that kept me from getting any sleep last night (though it didn't help that I had to put back up the signs they knocked down on your first attempt). Thanks a lot.

So here's what it comes down to, everyone in the lj community, I'd definitely urge you to learn more at the official elections website. Check out the Voters Guide, check out the websites candidates listed, the endorsements, everything, then get involved. And whatever happens, hold people accountable to make changes next year. I'm here, bombard my lj with comments if I'm not getting it done. Drop in the office and let us know what's up. Too often the elected officials become insulated. So go decide who'sthe best possible candidate. I've got my preferences, for sure, but it's your call.
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