Sarah (butterpecan383) wrote in uw,

210 rule

This is the end of my second year at the UW, but I have senior standing because I entered with a year's worth of credit from high school. I'm thinking of adding premed to my liberal arts major, and I'm concerned about the 210 rule, which says that after reaching 210 credits, you have to petition to finish within 2 quarters. This is stressing me out, since I still have a sophomore mentality that I'm figuring out what I want to do. If I finish premed requirements, everything is sequenced, and I can't finish within 2 quarters of reaching 210 credits. How strictly do they enforce the 210 rule? Do you know anyone who has gotten away with doing way more than 210 credits, if they weren't a double major (premed isn't technically considered a major in itself)? Or can you enroll as a nonmatriculated student? Thanks in advance.
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