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Early Fall Start Seminar choices

I'm an incoming freshman from Boston MA, very interested in doing the early fall start. However, I have no idea what seminar to take. I checked the memories, and I couldn't find any efs course advice, so I'm wondering if any of you had any advice. I don't want to be in over my head, but at the same time I don't want to be in a notoriously slacker class.
Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Can the US Export Democracy - GIS 184 - John Keeler
Food Fights: Globalization, Food, and Culture - GIS 169 - Devon Peña
Making of the 21st Century - SIS 201 - David Bachman
Modern Topics in Astronomy for Non-Science Majors - ASTR 190 - Ana Larson
Reading Literature: Discovering the Lives of Wuthering Heights - ENGL 200 - Richard Dunn
The Idea of the University: Ways of Learning, Exploring, and Knowing - CHID 120 - James Soto Antony
The Symbolic Value of Non-Verbal Cues - GIS 178 - Valerie Manusov
The Viet Nam Wars: Viet Nam Between Revolution and War, 1940-1990 - SISSE/HSTAS 265 - Christoph Giebel
When Politics, Religion, and Biology Meet: The Controversy over Stem Cell Research - GIS 201 - Bill Moody
Where is China? Special Topics in Geography - GEOG 195 - Kam Wing Chan
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