Rock On! - L to the G. (attraction83) wrote in uw,
Rock On! - L to the G.


I disagree with the last post by munncha

just because some people that make up WashPIRG are left-leaning
does not mean that the group is partisan

with that logic, the majority of clubs on this campus would be partisan

WashPIRG has not officially endorsed any candidates to my knowledge

in my opinion,
WashPIRG focus is to inform, NOT endorse

I have watched WashPIRG closely because my office is across the hall.

WashPIRG have some really good programs -- and people who are committed to social justice

for instance, the hunger and homelessness campaign -- which raised over $3,000 for our local food banks.
WashPIRG assembled over 100 volunteers and really helped to make a difference city and county-wide.

I remember a director at a food bank so thankful for hard work, sweat, and money raised through WashPIRG. in my opinion, efforts like that make our campus look good.

anyways, I'd ask that people learn more about the program before you tell people how they should vote ...

and just to let you know, you misspelled the name of the organization,
it's WashPIRG, not WashPRIG.
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