schnazzlepops13 (schnazzlepops13) wrote in uw,

If you're a UW student and you're reading this, I need you to do me a favor and
go vote right now.

Here are the people on the Represent Team (they got screwed over and it doesn't
say Represent next to their names like it should)

President - Lee Dunbar
Vice President - Ashley Miller
Community Relations - Hala Dillsi
Diversity Efforts - Miranda Bethay
Faculty, Administration, and Academic Affairs - Jonathan Lee
Operations - Karl Smith
Organizational Relations - Cullen White
Programming - Ezana Emmanuel

Vote HERE!

These people are AMAZING! Click here to read all about each person. Also be sure to visit to learn more and vote! Send
this link to your friends.

This is our chance to turn the ASUW around, to return it to the students. No
one constituency should entriely control student government and that is what
Represent is all about - we've got Greeks, RHSA students, ECC members, and
people from all sorts of RSOs. Let's make it happen!

Also, Represent is the only ticket to be endorsed by both the Residence Hall Student Association, the Greek system (United Greek Council, most got the IFC endorsement, Panhellenic), the Young Democrats, and the Ethnic Cultural Center. Do yourself a favor and vote!!!
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