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last-minute registration questions of the worst kind

Having trouble deciding between a couple history classes:

HSTEU 380 - Scandinavian History to 1720 No instructor indicated for the upcoming autumn quarter, but in the course information catalogue, Terje Leiren is listed.
I'm curious about Scandinavian studies, and this would probably be a class I'd enjoy. But I'm really, really looking at the other one:

HSTEU 406 - European Intellectual History: 19th Century John Toews
This is the class I'd like to take, but the scheduling isn't exactly ideal. However, if it's worth it, I could make it work.

I figure I can register for both tomorrow and just drop whichever one I decide against later. Any opinions that can be offered on the courses or their instructors, I'd appreciate it. Not finding either on Thanks and good luck with all your registration snafus!
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