Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

time for u pass question

I dont remember where to look online, so I figured I'd post here: anyone know/remember when summer qtr UPasses will be in the mail? I dont think my master plan will work because I think the school has caught on to it- but i registered for summer qtr but I think i'm going to drop the class and just take it fall qtr, but I dont absolutely have to spend the $800 to take this one class during summer, so i'll just take it in the fall.. Although having the UPass would be super nice, seeing as how I am most likely going to be working on campus this summer, and commuting to seattle from Auburn, ... after I get myself out of my apt lease (since I'd rather just take the time to commute rather than pay the $450 rent..) ..

anywho, enjoy your Sat everyone.. I'll be studying for a sunday morn ESC exam, suckfest
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