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I'm a senior dental student at the University of Washington School of Dentistry. I will receive my DDS degree on June 4th, but will be taking my board licensing exams on June 16th-18th. To complete the exam, I need to find patients who need fillings and a deep cleaning. If you qualify for the exam, you will receive the dental treatment for free, plus cash to make it worth your time. If you are interested in being a patient, please read below to see if you qualify.

-do not have high blood pressure (must be below 160/90)
-have not taken the medications Phen-Fen, Redux, or Pondimin
-no history of heart attack, stroke or cardiac surgery
-do not have active tuberculosis
-do not have a latex allergy
-no severe dental phobias and can sit in the dental chair for up to 3 hours
-must be available June 16th-18th

To qualify to receive a filling, the cavity can not be too large. If you are currently experiencing dental pain due to a cavity, it is most likely too large to qualify.
To qualify to receive a cleaning, you must be 18 years or older and have heavy tartar (aka. calculus) build up. If you have received a cleaning in the past year, you likely will not qualify.

If you think you may meet the above requirements, please e-mail me to set up a screening appointment at the UW School of Dentistry. (

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