day_will_dawn (day_will_dawn) wrote in uw,

Great volunteer opportunity

UCALL, the University Community Afterhours Listening Line, is recruiting volunteers for the 2005-2006 school year. This is an opportunity to help peers in need of an empathetic ear. Volunteers take a few shifts per month and attend weekly meetings.

Information sessions will be held on the following dates and times in Hall Health room #301:

Mon. May 9: 1130-1230, 1230-130, 130-230
Wed. May 11: 130-230
Thurs. May 12: 1230-130, 5-6

Mon. May 16: 1130-1230, 1230-130
Wed. May 18: 130-230, 5-6
Thurs. May 19: 1030-1130 and 5-6

If you can't make it to the info sessions, you can also download the application at

Check it out! It's a great experience and a good resume builder, especially for those going into helping careers (though we currently have many disciplines represented).
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