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Greek System

Alright I went and I read the Meme on Greek housing but I still have some unanswered questions.

I am going to be a freshman at the UW next fall and I decided to look into the sororities at UW because my grandmother called the other day and was telling my mom about how much she loved the sorority she was in back in college and that I would have legacy if I chose to apply to that sorority. Until that point I hadn't even considered them.

I poked around the UW web site as well as the sites of some of the sororities and I still have several questions beyond what those answered.

What exactly are the sororities like in terms of partying? Are they all wild, or are some calmer? What are the advantages/disadvantages of living greek? I've heard both bad and good things about the academic life of sororities, which is true? Or is it variable based upon the membership of that particular group? What exactly is legacy and how much does it matter for getting in? I know it means that you've had a relative go through the sorority but is there anything else? Are all of the sororities housed off campus or are some in the dorm halls as I could not find the location for a few of the houses listed on the greek system map? How many people does the average sorority have? I know it varied but is it sardines packed into one house, or is it a little more roomier than that? Are they cliquish at all? I was getting the drift that some are, but perhaps that is just rumors? What is fall Rush like? How would living in a sorority contrast to living in a dorm or special interest dorm hall even? Anything else I need to know?

If anyone out there has been through a sorority or has experience with them I would appreciate learning more.
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