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Xbox for sale

I already tried to sell my Xbox a long time ago, but the person backed out on me. Since then I kept on playing it, but now I am really getting tired of it. So here it is again for sale:

 -X Box
-4 controllers the small S type from Microsoft
-DVD remote
-Splinter Cell (awesome game)
-Amped 2 (awesome game)
-Sega GT 2002 (bleh)
-Jet Set Radio Futur (trippy game)
-Midtown Madness 3 (half of the game is in Paris WooHOo!)
-Crimson Skies (Good game, loved it)
-Project Gotham Racing (fun 4 player game, single player sucks)
-Halo 1 (Self explanatory)
= $300 OBO,
even if you are not interested tell your friends about it. Cause I have no job, no money, no life. So this money will help me get back on the track of life thanks.

And if you really wanna be an ass about that Xbox I'll buy you any 2 Microsoft game you want for $25, (Halo 2 is a Microsoft game by the way) Some of the Microsoft games I have, have a sticker on the cover of the game case. Halo 1 does not come in the original case but in a simple black case. Apart from that its an awesome Xbox, I played it liked it, but now its time to move on. You see baby I just can't stay with you anymore. With me in college and everything...

If you are interested email me at: jplarch@u.washington.edu


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