Kali J (kiwikali) wrote in uw,
Kali J

Tunnel of Oppression - Actors Wanted!!

Hi Everyone,
My name is Kali, and I am one of the RAs in Haggett Hall contributing to our annual "Tunnel of Oppression." The tunnel is an interactive look into oppression in society today. It's taking place on Thursday, April 28th (next week!) from 10am-7pm in HUB 108.

My friend Megan and I are working on a room themed about sexual oppression of women in the United States. For part of our room, we wanted to have a couple scenes to show the double standard in attitudes toward sex between men and women. We need actors for this! If you are interested in taking part in this enlightening program, please contact me at hermione@u.washington.edu within the next couple days, letting me know a name, a phone # you can be reached at, and what hours you are available on the 28th. We don't expect anyone to be there the whole nine hours; I wll be scheduling people in shifts, and if you can only do half an hour, that's great too! Any talent level is appreciated, even if you've never acted before. So please contact me, the email again is hermione@u.washington.edu

And if you're not interested in acting, be sure to drop by that day to see what the tunnel is all about! Some of the other rooms include: homophobia, oppression of women in the Middle East, adultism, religious oppression, etc. Admission is FREE!!!!

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