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Career Center Resume Services

I recently used the Career Center to improve and re-focus my current resume and I wanted to share how much they helped out. I've heard a lot of negative things about their resume services from my friends, and I now feel that most of what I've heard is unjustified. I think the biggest problem is that you need to go in knowing what you need help with and then you need to tell the student workers at the front desk exactly what you need so there's no confusion.

If you already have a resume, I recommend calling and scheduling an appointment with one of the "professionals" rather than walking in like I originally did. They have students helping with walk-ins, and the "peer advisor" who sat down with me to look at my resume was totally clueless. He might have been able to help someone out who had never written a resume before, but he was really struggling with the questions I asked him.

After I realized the peer advisor wasn't going to be so helpful, I then scheduled a meeting with one of the professional advisors (Vic Snyder). For my meeting, I brought in a copy of my resume and told him exactly what field I wanted to go into when I graduated. He spent the next 50 minutes going over every miniscule detail of my resume with me and showed me how to highlight job related experience I never knew I had. Anyway, I thought my resume was good before, but it's so much better now. And I still plan on going back to have it edited one more time.

The Career Center charges once you graduate, so everyone who's graduating soon should get help while you're still a student and it's free.

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