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Marvelous Marvin

People are scared and they are not thinking clearly. The following Ben Franklin quote is very pertient for these times and it applies to a supermajority of the citizens.
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
[Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.]

Granted, we could be bombed again, but does that mean we should abandon of most basic principles? If we abandon those principles in a (probably misguided) hope that we are preventing any more serious terrorism, we are really just letting the terrorists win. I mean, I know what they really want is death for destruction for the jews in their land, but don't you think it gives them a bit of satifaction to see us waiting in long lines guarded by ARMY GUYS WITH M-16's?? Honestly, what are they gonna do? Shoot someone who tries to rush the security place? That's why teh security folk have guns. Who thought this was a good idea? A perfect example of scared thinking, oh, we'll just get a guy with a bigger gun, that'll stop em *massive eye roll*.

We don't have to look much farter than ol' bushy's' approval rating for another textbook example of how people react when they're scared. Immediately after the terrorist attacks he was at a surreal 90something percent. He as continually fallen as more and more people have regained their conginitive abilties have stopped thinking with fear. But even now, his approval rating is in the high 60s! I know 70 percent of the country didn't vote for him, or even 70% of the people who did vote.He hasn't done anything groundbreaking either. He's just become the unwitting benefactor of this psychological phenomena. In times of trouble people always want to have a leader, hell, the people of germany rallied behind hitler in their time of trouble. We weren't able to elect a new leader, so have to rally behind what we have. Hell, we would have rallied behind a well trained chimp if he had been in office during the attacks. We forget that this guy EEKed in by the skin of his teeth, or the skin of some ruder body parts belonign to a few supreme court justices. HOPEfully once we get off this huge patriotism, march merrily along in rank and file, anti terroism, anti guys named habib jag we'll remember who he really is: A texas oil baby, hyper religous and hyper stupid. A man who wants to drill in the alaskan wildlife reserve, who wants to marry our government with christianity, a man who's daddy thinks that atheists aren't citizens (i mean, c'mon, that's the stuff talibans are made of), a man who squandered our huge surplus by giving it back to the wealthy, plunging our country back into debt, and a man who's still riding his daddy's coattails at 55. By the time we realize all that though, it may be too late. He and his ilk are using this crisis to push all their conservtive agendas through as patriotic, they are TAKING ADVANTAGE of the tragic deaths of 3000 americans for their own political gain. These people in power in this country are slowly chipping away at our freedoms, and we're letting them because we're all chicken shit. "Oh yeah, I dont' mind having to wait in line and get searched at hte airport if it keeps this place safe" is not too big a leap from "i don't mind letting them rifle through my personal things if it keeps this place safe" which isn't far from "oh, i don't mind getting a complete rectal exam from an aardvark if it keeps my counry safe".

We are on a dangerous path here. What makes it worst is that these people in power who are slowly stripping us of our civil rights are doing it in the name of patriotism. They are doing it in the name of the constitution that provides those rights. They claim to defend the constitution as they trample it. It's good as a punch line, and a tool to incite, but heaven forbid they bide by it, it's getting thrown out at the slightest inconvennce. Did you know that the governemnt can now consitutionally put a wiretap on your phone with no probable cause? they can hold you without charging you with a crime, and without letting you talk to an attourney, they can monitor your internet and phone usage with no probable cause, and they can even conduct searches of your home. Spitting on the document they claim to be defending. I say, why shold we change? Just because those damn people slammed into our buildings should we change our society to be more like theirs? Why should we respond to terrorism with facism? Why shold we let them turn this country into a place where speaking your mind against the governmetn is DIScouraged rather than ENcouraged? Anyone can stand by principles when it's fun and easy to do so. Only when it becomes difficult do you find out who really believes in them and who is just paying lip service. I'm scared at how many people in this country merely pay the constitution lip servic
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