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operation I HATE MONEY

Hi gang.

I've recently been admitted to UW and it looks like it's at the top of my list right now. I've just gotten my financial aid and I've been offered a work-study program. Now, I've read the online UW handbook for work-study and everything, but I'm either really dense or suffering from lack of sleep, and I'm still confused about it.

If you do a work-study program, do all of your earned wages go to paying for tuition? For example, I've been offered $3,000 through work-study; does that mean that all $3,000 of it will go to tuition? If so, is it in any way possible to hold down another job so I can have money for books, food, etc?

Also, is there any way to contact the Financial Aid Office and attempt to wrangle more money out of them? They've offered us a $13,000 parent loan to cover the difference but my mom's a single parent and a florist, so you can imagine she doesn't exactly bring in the big bucks. I was thinking about having my school counselor call and see if there's any more loans, grants, anything, that I could get in place of the parent loan. Is that even remotely plausible?

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