imonlysighing (imonlysighing) wrote in uw,

More prospie questions!

Hello! I was admitted to U Dub about a month or so ago. I'm absolutely torn between Washington and UC Santa Cruz -- these are very different, I know, but they both appeal to me in different ways. I have a few questions (yes, I did search through the memories and got some answers--thank you! if I missed something I'm about to ask, my apologies).

1. How are the environmental sci/studies, psychology, and astronomy programs? I'll likely be majoring in one of these or some combination.

2. AP Credit: I have 9 APs and one community college credit -- will these get me out of some of the huge 400-person classes? I absolutely dread huge lecture halls.

3. How is the activism on campus? I visited right as the spring quarter (semester?) was ending, so it was pretty empty and I didn't really get a feel for the student body.

Were any of you in situations like this? Any input would be awesome.

Thank you! :) Perhaps I'll be seeing some of you next fall.

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