and other tales of me (laurasubby) wrote in uw,
and other tales of me

Looking at housing.

Where should I live on campus?! I know that's a crazy question. But they all look rather nice. Fuck compared to the sorry excuse for a residence hall I live in here at my current college, they all look like palaces. Although I have a single room here, and I doubt I'll be able to get one at UW :/

I think there are only a few things I care about having, wherever I end up. Food nearby is important. A kitchenette/ kitchen would be nice but isn't necessary. Access to my classes, which will mostly be env and bio if that matters. Not terribly noisy or rowdy or drunken, but I'd die in a 24-hour quiet hall.

Any suggestions? Anybody want to be my roomy in the Fall? Haha.
Check out my user info and feel free to add me. I want friends :)

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