<3 (concealed_) wrote in uw,

"priority deadline"

i am just curious as to really what the advantages are to applying to UW's "priority deadline" ... from what i read it just gives you an "up" on those who applied the regular january 15th deadline, but i've seen no "ups" thus far.

i applied in early/mid november and still haven't heard anything. I know that this is normal and that some people don't find out til mid april and whatnot... i guess i'm just getting kind of ancy and angry that the website tells me that i should find out within "6-8 weeks of my initial review", yet that was in early january so its been almost 11-12 ish weeks - well over "6 to 8 weeks".. and i'm also kind of worried that if i do get accepted, its already late and that i might get stuck with a crappy dorm choice or that all the financial aid will be long gone.

ANYWAYS i'm just questioning as to what the point of me applying early was if i'm going to end up finding out probably the same time i would've if i would've applied the january 15th deadline ?? i guess when i applied i kind of assumed it was like early decision, which is obviously not the case, so i just wanted to know what advantages, if any, that there are to applying to the early deadline ???

Thank you
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