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thought some people would be interested in this:

FYI: I myself know nothing about this, it just got passed along to me in an email.

Call for Actors

The UW Film Club is filming its first ever production in
association with ASUW TV and DX Arts, and now it is time to put out a
call for actors.

You can be a movie star!

The film begins shooting on April 15th and ends on April 24th. Most
parts don't require attendance every day. The film is a "Best in
Show"-style mockumentary of student groups, set mostly in the hub. So
if you have a knack for comedic acting, or are just a fun, lively
person--consider yourself qualified. Of course, actors with a
headshot and a resume are highly encouraged.

Auditions are at 11AM-3PM in Thompson 211 on April 2nd.
And also at 5:30 on April 5th in Thompson 215.

Practice and perform your own piece, or get a copy of the script from or e-mail
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