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work study!

so, i've got a question: i'll be a freshman next year, and i've just gotten my financial aid letter in the mail, and they're offering me Work Study (among other stuff). I was wondering what everyone thinks about having a job in your freshman year; i've never had a real job, and i'm also unclear on the nuances of college life... what i mean is, do you think it might be too much to sort of immerse myself in this new college experience, as well as taking on the added stresses of a first job, all at once? or is it generally a pretty painless transition? i want to have as little debt as possible, so i'm hesitant to request an exchange for a loan--especially when it seems that everybody wants a work study job--but i was just wondering how everybody else's experiences went, whether it was a good thing for you to do, and the like.

i checked the memories! i didn't see anything like this in there! so thanks a bunch for your input, and putting up with another freshman question :) just looking for a little guidance here.
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