Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

hutchinson pool?

~Just wondering if anyone works/ has worked at the Hutchinson pool? I'm starting there next week once school begins again, and I guess I'm just looking to see what it's like there, if anyone knows. Like, typically, how many hrs is one given per /week? Can you ask for more hrs?-- I know the pool is open sort of odd hrs sometimes, and typically only till 6pm if i'm not mistaken? My thing is, I want to apply to another job, but I have no clue how this one at the pool locker room is going to work out.. I think I have time in my day, since I'm only in class 13 hrs/ wk (plus 5 more cr. of an online course-esc110). I dont know.. I was told I'd be getting 10-12 hrs/ wk, but I think I could handle some more hrs, I just dont know if that would be available to do at Hutch, or if I should just hunt down a 2nd job. any thoughts?
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