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Could someone give me some detailed info about physics 114.

I've heard horror stories from the 120's series. I was just wondering if the time commitment/amount of hw level was the same. What level math should you be at?

Im a junior and have finally narrowed it down to what I want to do in grad school, Geo-archaeology.

Im trying to shoe horn everything I can in the last 2 or so* years that would help prepare me. A couple geology classes I want to take require phys 114.

Im just wondering because next qt is already looking like this:
ARCHY 495 Quantitative Archaeological Analytic Techniques (5) *major requirement*
GEOG 360 Principles of Cartography (5) *major requirement*
ESS 101 Introduction to Geological Sciences (5) NW *geo-arch prep*
at least 15hrs a week of work. *needed to help finance field school over summer*

Would it be asking a lot of myself to tack on phys 114 to that? I took physics in HS. I don't really recall most of it, well not formulas at least. It was algebra based physics though. And I've never taken calculus.


Should I just try to not take it and weasel my way into: ESS 211 Physical Processes of the Earth (5) NW of which phys 114 is a pre-req. For those in the ESS dept, is it a popular class? I just want to take some about stratigraphy.

*I'll most likely be a 5th year senior, or at least a 4.67 year senior.
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