elenamac (elenamac) wrote in uw,

What's it like?

Hi...I am hopefully going to be admitted to the Masters in Nursing program there for Fall semester. I am hoping to hear soon! I'm coming from out of state...I'm a Native New Yorker but have been living in the land of southern hospitality for the past 3 years. I've called folks over at UW Grad admissions and the nursing school and, although nobody has ever been outright rude to me, they all seem to be rather curt or abrupt in the way they talk. My question is this...what are people really like there? I have heard a full gamut about the dating world, etc but I am just wondering what profs are like, what administration is like...are they difficult to work with? Do you find people helpful to you in general? Is anyone in the nursing program either grad or undergrad...

can anyone give me an idea what its like? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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