gullous2 (gullous2) wrote in uw,

Prospective student, wondering about mechanical engineering

I am considering going here, and I have some questions about the ME department. How hard is it to get into? I have read on the ME departments website that generally a 3.0 gpa is basically what you need to get in, but I have heard from an alumni that she could not make it into the ME department because one needed a 3.7 to get in. 3.7 is also what a friend said (his sister goes to the UW, apparently her BF tried to get into ME).

My calc teacher (UW alumni) alluded to the weed out process. How harsh is this? I think I could make it through, but I am just concerned.

Is there a lot of competition in the department/school for being a ME? If I go here I want to be sure I can follow my intended major.
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