Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

Ok, sorry this isnt directly UW related, but I dont quite know where to aim my question.. So, I'm having a problem with my LJ-- I cant "see" my current friends page. The thing is I can see it and read friends post, etc, but the last thing I see is a friends post from yesterday morning, and I know my friends have posted things in their journals that I should be able to read,-- I even told a friend to write something in her journal really quick to see if I could read it, but I couldnt see it.. I find this slightly strange.. And I'm sure there has got to have been some new posts in the UW community from these past days.. but I cant read any of that stuff either.. strange. I know that all these various posts from people exist because I do get the "reply to your post" or "reply to your comment" emails in my mailbox.. but my Friends page has reached a dead end! Anyone know whats up?? thx.

-err sorry, for now its back up and working.. lets hope it stays that way
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