Micah (micahellison) wrote in uw,

UW, NCAA settle with Neuheisel and give him even MORE money

Does this make anyone else at least a bit angry?
Settlement reached in Neuheisel's lawsuit against NCAA and UW

A settlement was reached this morning that will pay former University of Washington football coach Rick Neuheisel $4.5 million in his wrongful termination suit against the university and NCAA.

The settlement, announced in King County Superior Court this morning just before closing arguments and after five weeks of testimony, would give Neuheisel $3 million cash — with $2.5 million of it to be paid by the NCAA and the remaining $500,000 by the UW. The UW would also forgive a $1.5 million housing loan paid to him in 2002. (full article)
Talk about a major bummer for our already cash-strapped school.
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