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So, just out of curiosity, I was wondering if it's easier to get into UW if you're Washingtonian. As in, if you're a legal resident of this state, do they favor you? Because I'm almost 100% certain they do prefer in-state applicants, but I *don't* understand why, because out-of-state students would definitely increase their funds.

Otherwise, why else would a HUGE majority of the students from UW be from this state? *Because* of the tuition? Actually, that would make sense, it's much cheaper to attend UW as an in-state kid than go out of state.

But anyway, so that could potentially explain why people who accept their admission tends towards residents, but do they accept an equal number of in/out-of state applicants? Or do the number of applicants that apply in-state incredibly outnumber those that don't.

Wow, that was a really long post for one question. I need to be more succinct next time. Then again, I'm just procrastinating so that I won't have to my math home thisverysecond.

Also, good luck on finals next week. And have a good Sping Break.
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