Whatever you want it to be, baby. (the_ridiculous) wrote in uw,
Whatever you want it to be, baby.

So, I'm visiting seattle in two weeks to check out the campus and the graduate program that I'm interested in, yet no one at the school seems too intent on getting back to me. I've tried e-mailing the museum studies department and telephoning them (I left a message); no one has responded to either of my attempts to contact them and set an appointment. I'm scared that they will never get back to me and my visit will have been for nothing. Needless to say, I can't exactly zip out to seattle whenever I feel like it, so it'd be great to actually get this shit done while I'm there.

This is probably a stretch, but does anyone know of someone whom I can contact at the school who will actually get back to me? You'd think they'd be all about enticing people to apply for their programs, but I'm not getting that impression thus far.

Thanks a jillion in advance.
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