Nayiry (enamorada1585) wrote in uw,

hi, this post is for my friend. He has a 4.1 Speaker system that recently stopped working correctly. The system was working fine but recently overheated. Long story short - one of the speakers blew out (it's dead and that doesn't matter). The part that matters is... one of the channels is dead (the front right to be exact). He'd like to get his 188 watt subwoofer back to working order. The problem might be easily fixed seeing as only one channel went out (not all 4). He's looking for someone that has knowledge of speakers and might be able to fix the amplifier in the subwoofer. IF someone can help, he'd be willing to pay them a small fee of $20..I know there is someone out there with the knowledge and it's an easy $20 if you can get it fixed... just thought some people might like the opportunity.

I realize that this is not UW related, but i thought that this would be a good place to find someone who could help. Thanks in advance! :)
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