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I just got accepted to the UW and while I'm sure there have been--or, at any rate, will be--a bunch of posts by potential freshmen, I have a few questions and could really use answers so I can stop being an indecisive girl. Every few minutes my mind changes in where I want to go and a lot of it is because I haven't spoken to many people who were students of the universities I want to attend; just visited their campuses and seen all the hype, all the school spirit. In other words, I'd like to know what some people who go to these schools think rather than what the administration or websites like to say.

1) If I go to the UW and want to end up at law school elsewhere, do I have to major in Prelaw? And if so, is the Prelaw program here a good one? Does anyone have any experiences with this or know someone who does?
2) Has anyone here regretted not going out of state? I got accepted to UC Irvine and UC San Diego, too, and I want to go to one of those, but I really dig the campus and people at the UW -- the familiarity generates a level of comfort and thus conflicts with the stir-crazy want to explore new places (I've lived in Seattle for all eighteen years of my life).
3) What do you guys like here, what do you guys dislike?
4) I'm interested in studying abroad for my second or third year, maybe; has anyone here done this?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.
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