Karl Smith (kazzman) wrote in uw,
Karl Smith

An Ancient Riddle

If you hold a rally in Red Square and no one cares, was there really a rally?

But yeah, props to the Weekly Enema guys for not being discouraged despite the fact that even with a megaphone, people five feet away were completely ignoring them.

My concern is that while many students have problems with The Daily, those concerns aren't accurately represented by the Weekly Enema and the lack of support for their cause will be construed as contentment with the current state of The Daily. Eh, after today's editorial in The Daily, maybe people should take them up on their "open door policy" and share their concerns directly with the editorial staff. Particularly since they griped about us discussing it on LiveJournal ("Too often critics of our publication hide in rants on thefacebook.com or LiveJournal.")

If you *do* contact them, I'd love to hear what sort of response you receive.
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