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Hi everyone,

I am not a student at UW, but I joined this community because I really want to be one. I was a nursing student at the University of Sydney in Australia (I am an Australian citizen), but I now live here in beautiful Seattle with my husband (who is an English citizen).

I want more than anything to continue my education and get my undergraduate degree in nursing, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. Due to my visa status in the US, I am classed as an international student and therefore not only are the tuition fees extortionately high, but I am not eligible for financial aid or student loans. As I am sure a lot of you know, there is a chronic nursing shortage in this (and many other) countries, and it seems that my dream of becoming a nurse is beginning to fade. I am currently 25 years old, and I do envision having a family someday, but what I really want to do is get my degree before I become a mother and life becomes just that bit more hectic.

I guess my reason for posting this is to tell you all how great I think you are for pursuing your education, and to tell you how lucky you are to have the opportunity to do so. I also wanted to ask if any of you have been in a similar situation and/or if you have any ideas on any possible way I could qualify to become a student at UW.

Thanks for listening,
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