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Choirs and voice lessons and the UW

I would really like to be in a choir this quarter, but I will not be able to be in the University Singers as I have done in the past because of schedule conflicts. Unfortunately, I haven't been in a choir since last spring quarter so my voice is a bit out of shape (my range isn't as big as it used to be and my breathing is not as deep). I'm curious about the choirs that require auditions. Can anyone recommend to me a choir that isn't insanely hard to get into? What are the auditions like? Do you have to prepare anything? Do they expect you to sight read?

A bit more about myself in terms of singing: I'm a second soprano although I have sung first alto and first soprano in choirs before. I've been in choirs all my life but I've never been formally trained and I still can't sight read. I'm also shy about singing alone in front of people generally, but I really love singing in choirs and have been told I have a nice voice. I'm just kind of worried that the kind of choirs that require an audition aren't really for me.

Also, I've heard that the UW offers voice lessons. Does anyone have more info on that?

Thanks a lot!
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