I woke up thirsty on the day I died (solstince) wrote in uw,
I woke up thirsty on the day I died

I know the registration posts are getting old. Please disregard this if your not interested.

A class I planned on taking is almost surely going to be filled up by my date, so I am looking into my other options. I need a third class to pair with CSE 143 and MATH 124 (basically, either something very different or maybe taking it easy, even a 3 credit) I need information on the following classes-

-MUSAP 218 Guitar Techniques
What is this? Does this mean I can essentially take guitar lessons for credit? Help, music majors.

-PSYCH 200 Comp Animal Behavior
Anyone taken it? Sounds interesting.

-PSYCH 210 Human Sexuality
Probably sounds more interesting than it is..

-TC 231 Intro Tech Writing
Listed as 3 credits, but I'm wondering if the workload would really be that light. I know a lot of people here must have taken it, since all pre-engineers have to..I think?

-CLIT 424 Epic Tradition
Don't want to get in over my head, but sounds intersting..

-RELIG 443 Art/Religion in Byzantium
Any info appreciated

-ASTR 211 Universe and Change
Any info appreciated
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