Carla (souzaqueen) wrote in uw,

For all of you with registration questions.

Is it me or are there a hell of a lot more registration posts than normal this quarter? What gives?

- Have a professor choice you aren't sure on? Go check their ratings. There are sites out there where others have answered the questions you are asking already. There is a link on your MyUW page called "Course Evaluation Catalog" (right below the "Course Descriptions" link) that is specific to UW and if someone has said it on a course eval, its on there. If you have issues taking the opinions of the random people on these sites seriously, then please realize you are asking strangers on LJ for class suggestions and smack yourself.

- Try taking something that sounds fun and/or interesting to you. Don't just take classes because they sound easy. Most of those aren't and you will hate every minute of it. If you have found two classes that are absolutely going to blow your mind and you can't choose between them, consider taking one now and the other a different quarter. Very rarely is a class only offered once before it goes back in the Disney vault for another 173 years. Flip a freaking coin if you really have problems with this decision making stuff.

- If you aren't sure about a fluff class, ask yourself "Will this class/material help me in the long run?" I know that sounds like something your high school guidance counselor would have told you, but there might be some sense to it. Even if you don't know what you are going to be when you grow up, think about the practicality of it and if it will be applicable to a broad range of majors. I didn't declare until the end of my second year and I am graduating in less than four years (w/out Running Start) because all my early classes were practical or degree requirements. (I know I sound as much fun as a wet washcoth but I am graduating, bitches, and don't ever have to do homework again. Go ahead and hate me.)

I know I sound like a complete bitch, but I am seriously sick of all these registration questions and registration just started. Blame it on the cherry cordial for making me speak out or whatever, but seriously people: stop filling all our friends pages with crap and figure it out yourselves.
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