Warmth. (floufy) wrote in uw,

So, just to add to all the registration/class related questions.

I need a W credit. Any suggestions? Preferably not a writing-link because that means I have to take two classes to satisfy one requirement.

Also, I'm taking stats 311, or, planning on taking it, until I saw the faculty evaluation thing and noticed that Chiu is rated at, like, 1.85 overall. And a 1.0 for grading techniques. So, how accurate/good are those ratings? Should I still take it if it's *that* low? Isn't stats supposed be objective?

And the alternative is to take Q Meth 201, but that class is only four credits, and "less recommended."

One last question. Econ 300. I've got IB credit for both 200 and 201, which is from high school. Anyway, I noticed that 200 and 201 are really math/calculations based and IB really was an essay writing economics course. Is econ 300 essay or math based? And how much information from 200/201 will you need to recall on a daily basis?

Help. Please. I register in four days.
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