jenna (baloneybubbolio) wrote in uw,

credits, classes, major

i'm a transfer student, and i'll only have been at uw for 3 quarters by the time i leave for study abroad. how many of the credits have to be in-residence at uw to count toward your degree? is there any way any kind of study abroad credits (not through a UW department program, it's with isa if that matters) can count as in-residence beucase of that concurrent enrollment fee or whatever? i'm basically just not really sure how credits transfer, and in-residence credits work and all that.

and a question similar to one a lot of others are asking:
for a nw credit, is pse 104 any good? or any other recommendations?
is polsci 202 or 205 more easier?

when do you have to declare a major by to keep your registration from being barred? after winter quarter is over, i'll have completed 117 credits, i think. do i need to declare a pre-major extension or apply to my major befor emy spring quarter registration date? or is that not until i pass the credit limit or whatever. i'm kind of confused.
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