all the RAGE (vespakid) wrote in uw,
all the RAGE

quick! i need help!
there are three classes i desperately want to take, but they are all offered at the same time!
what do you suggest?

+AFRAM 315 Black Identities and Political Power
Relates the deployment of political power within institutions to shifting racial
identities. Shows how racial identities both reflect and inflect relations of
domination and resistance within and between cultures in the black diaspora.
(i know nothing about this prof or the class- and it's only with 7 other students. scary!)

+AFRAM 321 History of Afro-American Women and the Feminist Movement
"Feminist Movement" from early nineteenth century to present. Treats
relationship between Black and White women in their struggle for independence,
at times together and at times apart. Discusses the reasons, process, and
results of collaboration as well as opposition. Examines recent and contemporary
attempts at cooperation.
(this one is taught by a prof i've had before-she's fucking brilliant but pretty disorganized.)

+ ENGL 368 Pakistani Women Writers
(this one is rarely offered and is taught by a teacher that i have been recommended to by three different people. i know nothing about pakistani people, so this would be such a huge opportunity to gain new perspective.)
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