David (dabman) wrote in uw,


If anyone is interested in joining a racquetball tournament, please respond to this message or email me at dabman@u.washington.edu.

Any skill level can be accepted into the tournament. All you have to do is play one game a week, the time of the game being completely up to you and your opponent. If you have any questions on how the ladder-tournament style works, email me or read below.


Essentially, a ladder is a list or table of players based on skill. The list matches you with a weekly opponent, and depending on whether you beat him or not, you move up or down the ladder. Thus the players who win more often are higher up in the ladder, and those who lose more often are lower.

The only thing I do is tabulate the results of the games and provide people with the name of their next week's opponent. Very little organization needs to be done, so in no way is this like a club or anything. All the ladder is doing is providing you with new players around your skill level to compete with every week.

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