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Heya guys,
Please bare with me while I ask about housing in the seattle area.
I just got accepted for the MPH graduate program and I'm planning to attend UW in the fall. I am searching like crazy on craiglist and every single seattle community I can to find housing. However since I am not from the area and I have yet to visit, I have no idea the proximity of any housing or neighborhoods.
I heard that capitol hill and university district was some good choices. I'm from a farm, so I know nothing about how cities are laid out. I have a shit car which means that I would like to live semi-close to campus, within walking distance. I can't apply for on campus housing b/c I have a 15lbs. dog who is my world. So here are my questions:

*What neighborhoods are within walking distance from UW campus? (or public health building if that makes a difference)
*Which of those neighborhoods are good/bad as in safety wise?

Thank you soooo much. I greatly appreciate your info and help with this. It's hard moving to a new huge city without knowing anything about it.
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