that's angela with a g (scarletheart_v2) wrote in uw,
that's angela with a g

I've been considering UW for their middle eastern studies graduate program, and I was wondering if any of you were in the program or knew someone in it so I could talk to a participant rather than administrators.

Also, I'm an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill, and I had a miserable time trying to meet people my freshman year. Now that I'm a junior i feel like i know TOO MANY people, but I'm worried that attending a grad school across the country will make me feel very lonely my first semesters there - so, is it easy to meet people in Seattle? Is the university conducive to graduate students meeting each other? Am I making sense? haha

I would love anyone's general insight or thoughts or comments or advice on anything dealing with the school, the grad school, housing, anything.
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