Maj. Bonnet (majorbonnet) wrote in uw,
Maj. Bonnet

Up For Grabs: Loveseat

Hey kids,

I have a nice clean plushy stainless overstuffed loveseat that I'm putting up for grabs. It has lived a non-smoking and pets-free life, but perhaps it's time for it to have some fun.

I got it from a friend's grandparents who had bought it a 4-5 years ago. After they moved into a smaller place they no longer had room for it and were going to chuck it. I saved it from the dump thinking I would have room for it. But it simply takes up too much room in my bitty apartment above Magus Books.

If you think you could give it a new and exciting life and can pick it up, it's yours FOR FREE! (I can help you take it down the stairs.)

Respond here or email my username at Yahoo.

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